The Titusville area may soon enjoy the benefits of a second radio receiver for emergency services, pending a vote by the Crawford County Commissioners.

As discussed at Wednesday’s meeting, the commissioners are pondering an agreement with the city of Titusville to place a receiver on the water tower located on Rockwood Drive. The tower is owned by the city, so the county government requires permission to put the device there.

While Titusville already has an emergency radio receiver which is placed on another water tower in Titusville, located on Petroleum Street, the new machine will operate on a separate frequency in case emergency responders cannot connect to the other signal.

“This will get better coverage for the City of Titusville and the surrounding area,” said Commissioner Chairman Francis Weiderspahn.

Additionally, Weiderspahn said having redundant receivers is beneficial in case one of the machines are damaged. While rare, the chairman said it is possible for a receiver to get struck by lightning, which could result in damages significant enough to cease it from operating.

The county will foot the bill for purchasing the receiver. Titusville government is not charging the county rent to put the device on the tower, however, and there is no inherent cost to either party in the agreement.

The commissioners will vote on whether to approve the agreement at their meeting next week. Should it be approved, Weiderspahn said the county will begin looking for a receiver to place on the tower.

Fairground alcohol policy

A vote on whether to allow a country music concert planned for the summer of 2020 to serve alcohol on the Crawford County Fairgrounds has been tabled until the completion of a review by the county solicitor.

Weiderspahn told The Herald that the vote, which was originally planned for Sept. 25, has been put off until Solicitor Keith Button can completely review all the facts relating to the rule change.

“Until the solicitor can get that information to us, it’s on hold,” Weiderspahn said.

The concert is being organized by the nonprofit groups Arc and the Meadville Fraternal Order of Police and the financial business ONE Federal Credit Union as a fundraiser. The coalition is seeking permission to serve alcohol during the show, as it will affect what musicians they can book to appear.

“We want to explore who we can get at the fairgrounds, and certain country acts won’t even come if there aren’t beer sales on the ground,” Arc Director Mark Weindorf told The Herald in a June 19 interview. “They want their fans to have fun, and unfortunately, (drinking is) part of it.”

The coalition initially requested permission from the commissioners back in June, but were told their plan was too vague and asked to come up with additional details. They returned at the Sept. 18 meeting with their plan.

The concert is set to take place on June 6, 2020, and will take place at the grandstand on the Crawford County Fairgrounds. According to Crawford County Commissioner Chairman Francis Weiderspahn, under the plans presented by the organizers, alcohol consumption will be allowed in the grandstand seating area for the concert, and there will be no segregation between a drinking area and a non-drinking area.

However, attendees will be limited to only two drinks, and the concert will be staffed by certified servers who will check IDs and will not serve anyone who is already intoxicated. Drinking and tailgating parties on the parking lot outside of the fairground will also not be allowed.

The Meadville FOP will provide security during the event. The group has held similar concert events with alcohol served at Allegheny College, and their experience was one reason they were brought on board to help, according to Weindorf.

Weiderspahn, who previously cast a “no” vote in January to a separate proposal to serve alcohol on the fairgrounds during the Crawford County Fair, showed favoritism to the plan.


meeting news

The commissioners are currently in the midst of working on the budget for 2020. Weiderspahn estimated the county leaders are roughly 20% of the way through the budget, and said the aim is to keep costs down. At this present time, no tax increases are anticipated for the budget.

Training for poll workers for the November general election will begin next week. Weiderspahn said training will be offered in Meadville and in the Titusville area at the Oil Creek Township Building. There will be three days of training in Meadville and two days in Oil Creek Township. Anyone interested in attending the trainings should contact Crawford County Voter Services, at (814) 333-7307.

The commissioners are mulling a purchase of a year’s supply of filing system folders for the Titusville Magisterial District Judge offices to the tune of $2,083.55.

The next meeting of the Crawford County Commissioners will take place on Oct. 9, at 9:30 a.m., at the Crawford County Courthouse.

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