By Katheryn Frazier

 Herald Intern

Titusville High School students displayed their artistic talents by participating in Paint to Plow, a program by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) where schools can paint a snow plow used by state road crews.

Uriah Sampson, Titusville High School art teacher, contacted PennDOT about the program and oversaw the project.

“I am proud of the students.” Sampson said, “They were very focused and dedicated about the whole process. I think that this community based project made the students excited and they are encouraged that the plow will be used.”

This plow will used by the Crawford County area PennDOT over the winter.

The students that worked on the plow were in the 2D and commercial art classes at the high school. A total of 14 high school students worked on the plow project including Angela Benner, Kaitlyn Russell, Raimi Colbert, Dylan Crowe, Gavin Drusko, Adrian Haynes, Elijah Perez, Clara Presto, Lauren Roberts, Cade Skinner, Samantha Theime, Haley Zdarko, Abigail Patterson, and Kyle Russell. These high school students came up with the design of the plow, and based the style after the artist Peter Max, according to Sampson.

The plow that the students received and worked on was an older, rusted and used plow. They first had to clean and prime the huge metal tool before painting it.

Exterior paint was primarily used to adorn the plow, as it would not come off so easily as the truck using it clears snow. A clear coat was then added to further protect the artwork.

Overall, the plow canvas took two to three weeks to beautify. The project used up a total of six quarts of paint.

According to Sampson, the most difficult part of the project was that the students had to paint on a surface that was concave and not flat.

Sampson said that this is the first time the high school has worked on this project and noted that he wants to keep doing community-based projects in the future.

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