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The Red Ramblers celebrate after defeating the Golden Eagles 6-0 on Wednesday, breaking the latter team’s winning streak. The night’s matches was cut short due to lightning, but all Titusville Area Youth Football teams got a chance to compete.

In a major turnaround compared to the season so far, both the Red Ramblers and the Green Hornets were able to achieve shutout victories over the Golden Eagles in the third night of games for Titusville Area Youth Football on Wednesday.

The Golden Eagles had been undefeated in the season so far, and in all but a single game won by two touchdowns or more. While the second game of the night was cut short due to severe weather, there was only 2 1/2 minutes left in the game and the Green Hornets were up by two touchdowns, making a comeback unlikely.

Red Ramblers 6, Golden Eagles 0

Action began on Wednesday with a game between the Red Ramblers and the Golden Eagles, with the former starting on offense. Rambler Brock Middleton received the kickoff on the 50-yard line, but the red team were only able to move the ball up 10 yards across their downs before the Eagles took over.

While Bennett Covell managed a 15-yard run on the Eagles’ first possession of the night, following drives were met with less success. Rambler Alexander Hartshorne even tackled Eagle Teegan Perrin for a loss of yardage, and the red team’s defense held long enough to get a turnover on downs.

Similar to the Eagles, the Ramblers found their advances stymied, though Ian Stearns went for a 16-yard-dash up the field before another turnover was forced. However, small gains were the name of the game for the match, as the Eagles’ possession didn’t yield many gained yards before the Reds got the ball back.

The gridlock continued back and forth for some time, with neither team able to find the end zone. It wasn’t until Parker Davenport, during an Eagles possession, intercepted the ball for the Ramblers at around the 25-yard line that a team saw a scoring chance.

Rambler fans didn’t have to wait long, as Eli Knapp shortly thereafter ran the ball in for the first, and what would turn out to be the only, touchdown of the game. With only a scant few minutes left in the game, the Eagles were unable to drive for their own scoring chance before time ran out, and their undefeated streak was finally broken.

Green Hornets 12, Golden Eagles 0

The Golden Eagles stayed on the field as the Green Hornets stepped up to face them. The Eagles kicked off to the Hornets, with Parker Miller receiving the kick at the 35-yard line.

The Hornets’ drive hit into an almost immediate snag, as the Eagles were able to pick up a fumble on the second down and take possession. However, the Hornets returned the favor, intercepting the ball only two downs later following a 15-yard run by Covell.

Ricky Tucker managed to make a short gain for the Hornets on their possession, but not enough yards were achieved to avoid a turnover. The Eagles got the ball back, only to lose it to an interception by John Reed.

In undoubtedly the biggest play of the night, Reed followed up the catch by running 80 yards across the field to score a touchdown, putting the Hornets on the board, only their second time doing so against the Eagles.

The gold team received the ball at their 30-yard line, but made only small gains before a turnover back to Green occurred. Hornet Jesse Nordin ran for 15 yards for his team, which was followed up on the next down by a 15-yard pass to Tyler Tenney to give the Hornets an insurance touchdown and putting the score at 12-0.

With only four minutes to go, the Eagles didn’t have much time to mount a counterattack. Things went from bad to worse for the gold team when the Hornets recovered a fumble at the 35-yard line. While the Eagles were able to eventually recover the ball, Hornet Samuel Prenatt took it right back with an interception.

Unfortunately, lightning and thunder rolled into the area, and the game was ended early with 2:32 left.

Titusville Area Youth Football will take a break next week. Play will resume on Sept. 25, when the Green Hornets face the Red Ramblers at 6 p.m. The Ramblers will stay on the field to take on the Golden Eagles, and the night will close with the Eagles and the Hornets squaring off.

Ray can be reached, by email, at sray@titusvilleherald.com.

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